Frontier Scum Press Kit

We are happy to announce the new Frontier Scum Kickstarter.

Frontier Scum is the 2023 Silver ENNIE-winner for Best Layout and Design. In this campaign, we bring back the rulebook to print and present a brand new adventure in the format of a music LP, TIDES OF ROT.

FRONTIER SCUM is a rules-lite Acid Western roleplaying game. An auto-destructive, violent and LSD-infused take on Spaghetti Westerns, about wanted outlaws making their mark on an unreal Lost Frontier. Probably getting shot before having the chance to shoot. A rough-and-tumble world of insatiable greed where scum live one slug from the grave. Inspired by such things as El Topo and Dead Man.



Small towns always seem cursed places, but something particularly foul has come to ensconce the petty port of Dredge-upon-Rock. A storm has settled upon its shores, the buildings are crumbling into the bay, floods are unearthing all the folk there once wished buried, and the dead ain't willing to give up on what they think is theirs.

TIDES OF ROT is a brand new adventure created by Karl Druid and Brian Yaksha. It'll be released in collaboration with THE DEAD ROBOTZ, an artistic collective that designs RPG settings in the format of music LP vinyls, as per their previous works like Death Robot Jungle and Putrescence Regnant

The LP contains a suitable soundtrack for the adventure, the gatefold cover serves as a GM screen and the insert-booklet doubles up as a vintage newspaper teeming with content and tools, including hooks, location zoom-ins, encounters, and random tables. 



Founded in 2020 in Portugal, Games Omnivorous is a brand specialised in minimalist and art-house games. They have released worldwide indie hits such as Mausritter, which won a Gold ENNIE for Best Family Game in 2021, and are known for their avant-garde, conceptual and out-of-format approaches to roleplaying games. In 2022, they were nominated for Publisher of the Year at the Dicebreaker Tabletop Awards, ending as runner-ups to Swedish giants Free League. 

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