Haunted Almanac
Haunted Almanac
Haunted Almanac
Haunted Almanac
Haunted Almanac

Haunted Almanac

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The Haunted Almanac is a 200-page anthology collecting almost the entirety of Nate Treme's body of work between 2018 and 2021. Most of it was released as small pamphlets, zines and other oddly-shaped minimalist formats through Highland Paranormal Society. All of these have now been masterfully redesigned by Guilherme Gontijo, to fit an A5 hardback.

Inside you will find:

  • Tunnel Goons & respective adventures
  • Prole & respective adventures
  • In the Light of a Ghost Star
  • Ten one-page minimalist games, including Radikal Quest
  • Five micro-settings, including Lost Isle and Doomlands
  • Over ten system-agnostic adventures, including Cursed Chapel of the Sludge Mother, Fever Black Mountain, Tomb of the Swine Prophet and What Child is this?

Written & illustrated by Nate Treme.
Design by Guilherme Gontijo.

A5 hardback, 196 pages, high-quality print and paper.

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