17th CM: adventure folder


Five mini modules, perfect for one-shots and CON events.
Created for the 17th century minimalist system, but easily compatible with other old school games and systems.


  • Wild Witch Chase plays with moral and religious beliefs. It is horrible and players should feel extremely guilty, if they play the module as intended. 
  • Ticking Time Bomb is a parody of mercantile wars. These were common, for instance, in Italy, divided into several conflicting city-states. 
  • Black Plague Now throws players into the horrors of 17th century plague. The 1348 Black Death remains unrivalled, but the 1600s saw some nasty cases. 
  • Hedge Death Maze hints at the lavish, baroque, wasteful and arrogant nobility, on the brink of being exceeded by a rising bourgeoisie. 
  • Finally, Cluster Fuck Inn flirts with secret societies, complots, alchemy and science, typical of the 1600s.

By Andre Novoa (writing) & Offworld Bogil Initiative (art) & Dyson Logos (maps)

Paperboard folder with FIVE mini adventures inside in postcard format.

500 copies limited run. 

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 13.5 × 0.5 cm