Manifestus Omnivorous Bundle

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1 x Bring me her bones

By Dirk Detweiler Leichty “Young king Agenor, for peace and wealth, sold his soul to the Green Sun--and such has been delivered for sixty-six years. Now old and fearing the far hells, the king has turned his worship to the BEAST, purchasing extended life with gruesome sacrifices. The BEAST, still hungry, and seeing the beauty of the king’s daughter Europa, became infatuated, saying, “bring me her bones, which I will devour, and she will be my wife,” and promised in return that the king would never die. But the princess could not be found.” Dirk makes a fascinating interpretation of the Manifestus Omnivorous. There is only one MONSTER. But there are tons of threats. There is only one LOCATION – a strange city, ambiguous in time and place – but lots of buildings and sites to explore. The adventure is not necessarily on EARTH, but it feels like it is, for it is anchored on Ancient Greek myths, stories and characters. Art and text coalesce brilliantly to deliver a psychedelic, sci-fi-ish, antique-but-avant-garde trip that feels both familiar and alien. This is something like you’ve never seen before.  Dirk Detweiler Leichty is an ENnie nominee for his work with Silent Titans (Swordfish Islands). He has also contributed to notable games, such as Troika! and, more recently, launched his very own Super Blood Harvest. “Bring me her bones” is his first book as a writer.   Bring Me Her Bones is a system-agnostic module for use with any traditional roleplaying game. Comes with 52 pages in softcover slightly-bigger than A5 size. Blue and green are predominant. Full of artwork.  500 copies limited run.  PDF file is included in this purchase.

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1 x The feast on titanhead

By Brayden “Doomscribe” Turenne  “The year is uncertain. The place, the frozen edges of Europe.  Amid a cluster of high and snow-covered peaks that make up the Dorag passage, the curiosity of a scientific expedition has caused a great portion of the mountainside to crumble away, revealing the hidden remains of a gigantic skull of unknown origins. Older than the mountains themselves, this antediluvian remnant is a glimpse into a long dead past. Succumbing to the pull of knowledge and the promise of fame amongst European academies, the expedition ventured in.  Alas, they found nothing, but horror and despair.” Doomscribe delivers a heavy-metal, grind-core interpretation of the Manifestus Omnivorous, coated in weird-horror. One that speaks both to Lovecraft fans and those of movies like Saw. There is a big bad MONSTER that players will most likely not defeat. The LOCATION is the head of that very monster. And everything seems to be there to DEVOUR something. Includes psychotic outbreaks, naked people popping their eyes out, grotesque masses of fungi and engines of growth/rebirth that reshape humans into abnormal masses of skin and soft-tissue.  Brayden “Doomscribe” Turenne is a heavy-metal drummer and illustrator. This is his first work in the RPG industry. The Feast on Titanhead is a system-agnostic module for use with any traditional roleplaying game. Comes with 28 pages in softcover slightly-bigger than A5 size. Black and grey are predominant. 18+ only.  500 copies limited run.  PDF file is included in this purchase.

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1 x The Seed

By Kelvin Green “This adventure assumes a setting of the real world in the near-modern period, somewhere between 1625 to 1725, but there’s nothing that can’t be changed to fit a different milieu. The adventure also assumes a setting without 24-hour news, Twitter, and government disaster response teams; the more modern you get, the more aware of events like the Seed the world as a whole becomes, so bear that in mind. If you need to have agents of Phi Orange running around in suits and sunglasses covering things up, then so be it.” Kelvin Green makes one of the most elegant and clever interpretations of the Manifestus Omnivorous to date. Yes, the adventure is set on EARTH – very obviously so. And, yes, the LOCATION is very much ordinary – a remote village called Midwich. But, the one MONSTER is unlike anything you’ve seen: a giant alien terraforming bio-machine that is simply standing in the middle of town, EATING AWAY at the world and spitting out a new environment. Inspired by the likes of the fungal realm in Star Trek and the miasma in Miyazaki’s Nausicaa, the Seed is a pulpy tongue-in-cheek module ready to be plugged in into any existing campaign. Kelvin Green is an English illustrator and writer. He is the author of various OSR modules like Forgive Us and Midvinter (LotFP) and, as an illustrator, known for his works in the B/X Companion (Running Beagle Games), The Weird that Befell Drigbolton (Necrotic Gnome) and Barbarians of the Ruined Earth (DIY Productions), amongst others. The Seed is a system-agnostic module for use with any traditional roleplaying game. Comes with 28 pages in softcover slightly-bigger than A5 size. Fluorescent pink is everywhere. 500 copies limited run.

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1 x Cabin Risotto Fever

By Spaghetti Quester “The Bronzetti expedition set off from the small village of Nain, next to lake Tasisuak. For three days, they ventured up the river, canoeing through the rapids that make up the Fraser Canyon. By the fourth day of the expedition, the three men reached the scared grounds, as marked in the explorers’ annotations. This was three weeks ago. Since then, no one heard from or saw the scholars again.” Spaghetti Quester’s interpretation of the Manifestus Omnivorous reads as a satire of academia and academic life wrapped around a B movies casing with a dash of Spaghetti Westerns and investigative horror. The LOCATION is a cabin in the woods set in Canada in the late 40s. The MONSTER is a Wendigo born out of HUNGER and despair. And, of course, OSTEOPHAGY is included in the form of a risotto made out of the bones of a young PhD student. Yummy. Included are psychedelic mushrooms, old Winchester rifles, professors with illusions of grandeur, and a night of horror that is not to forget. Cabin Risotto Fever is, in short, Call of Cthulhu meets Quentin Tarantino. Spaghetti Quester is an Italian illustrator, known for his collaborations with Exalted Funeral and Old School Essentials, amongst many others. This is his first work as an author in the RPG industry. Cabin Risotto Fever is a system-agnostic module for use with investigative and horror roleplaying games. Comes with 24 pages in softcover slightly-bigger than A5 size. Black and yellow are predominant. 500 copies limited run.

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