Mausritter: Vitacernis

Mausritter: Vitacernis

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The Vitacernis is a 20-page zine for Mausritter containing:

  •  Ruby Grove - A mouse settlement with 16 locations and 20+ NPCs to meet
  •  4 major NPCs with backgrounds, behaviors, and open-ended plot hooks
  • An adventure that sees the PCs delving inside the tree, uncovering ancient ruins, meeting its new inhabitants, and discovering the strange tree’s origins
  • A 14 entry bestiary, 2 new spells and conditions, and a 40+ entry treasure table containing some treasure unique to the setting
  • A separate cut-out item sheet containing the new conditions, spells, and a selection of 11 detailed items
  • A set of tools for GMs to integrate Ruby Grove and The Vitacernis into an existing campaign including: a table of both local and hexcrawl-level rumors, a table of location/NPC features to easily plug in alternates from an existing campaign, and aftermath prompts to guide what happens in the world following the adventure
  • Inside the Vitacernis Map Illustration by Evlyn Moreau 

By Brian Stauffer.

THIS IS A THIRD-PARTY PRODUCT NOT PUBLISHED BY GAMES OMNIVOROUS, released under the Mausritter third-party licence

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